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Certificates Certification No. Certifier
Factory Establishment No. 110111-0674724 Korea Industrial Complex Corp.
Class 1 IT Installation License No. 110013 Ministry of Information and Communication
Affiliated Technology R&D Center No. 981076 Korea Industrial Technology Association
Special Military Service Company No. 10 Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration
Quality Management System (ISO90001) No. AC-01622 Korea Foundation for Quality
International Trader No. 11382542 Korea International Trade Association
Venture Company No. 2000112621 ? 2294 Small/Medium Business Administration
New Localized Technology (KT Mark) No. 0833 Minister of Science and Technology
Environmental Management System (ISO14001) No. AC-03687 Korea Foundation for Quality
Quality Management System (TL9000) TL-01622 Korea Foundation for Quality
Date Registration Reg. No.
2008.12 Method for mobile communication system of real-time compression and uncompression system 10-0874674
2007.07 A radio transceiver for measuring environments of wireless communication equipments 10-0745701
2007.04 Slide type variable mounting bracket 10-0713772
2007.04 Apparatus and RF repeating for wireless broadband internet system 10-0713771
2007.03 Complex radio repeater attachment system 10-0697774
2007.01 Method and apparatus for testing isolation 10-0676879
2007.01 Method and apparatus for mobile communication
repeating system of vessel
2006.05 Method for maritime mobile communication service 10-0586317
2002.03 A cancellation circuit of inter-modulation product by RF passive component in repeater 10-0329262
2002.02 Line amplifier 10-0325437
2002.01 Control circuit of repeater 10-0324027
2002.01 Automatic gain control circuit of repeater 10-0324026
2001.12 Portable RF repeater 10-0319549
2001.07 Repeater using frequency change 10-0302944
2000.11 Registered Wireless Repeater (CF: Personal Repeater) Design 268643
2000.11 Registered Wireless Repeater (CF: Micro Repeater) Design 268642
1999.11 Personal repeater with hands free and handset 20-0179198
1999.05 Arrangement structure of repeater 20-0263881